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Kripalu Yoga is a Holistic integrated approach in which body and mind play a complimentary rather then an exclusive role.  In Kripalu yoga, Hatha yoga postures are used not just as a physical discipline but also as a powerful method for actually entering into a concentration and meditation. Kripalu yoga blends hatha yoga (yoga of the body) with Raja yoga(yoga of meditation) Working with body and mind this blended with pranayama( control of breath) So the pranayama is the bridge between body and mind.

As a Kripalu yoga teacher for over 20 years I want to share with you how simple yet so powerful this technique is.  I hear often people say, “well I can’t do yoga, that is to hard for me, I am not flexible enough”.  This saddens me and I explain” Every body can do Kripalu yoga, it is not about how flexible you are but your willingness to accept your self and your body exactly were you are this moment.”

When you surrender into the acceptance of being OK were you are then you fall into a gentleness and love for your body it is from there your yoga starts adding simple breathing techniques and awareness to the breath with each simple movement and you are in the dance of releasing and opening up in ways you would never imagine.

Kripalu yoga is about connecting body, mind and breath together a meditation in motion. At the end of each class you will enter into a deep relaxation yoga nidra now this is an art by it self learning to totally relax every muscle in your body this is the time you let go of the doing mode and enter a Being mode, this is the time were prana and the physical body mingles and healing happens at different levels may be physical, emotional spiritual it is a time for total surrender and trust the process it is beyond the mind.

When I teach yoga it is for me to guide you to find your potential, no matter if you are flexible or stiff as a board all you need to do is go to your edge that is why you can’t compare yourself with the person next to you, who maybe very flexible and needs to go deeper into the stretch to come to her or his edge that fine line were you feel you are working into a stretch but not taking you into pain so this edge is totally different for some body who enters a yoga class feeling stiff then some body very flexible but it does not matter.

Once more it is about accepting your own body, letting go of judgment and to many expectations. Just come and give yourself the experience of Kripalu yoga.

Now there are many different types of yoga out there some very intense some very hot places.  Some places with many people in the studio this can be intimidating. Here at The West Side Yoga Studio in Colorado Springs is a personal, safe place to come and do yoga. If this style does not suites you I gladly help you to find the right place the right teacher for you.

Remember Kripalu Yoga is a meditation in Motion and it may feel slow at times even we do flow with the poses at times it is not always a fast pace so find out what you want from your yoga class and teacher.

One thing that I like to say is, it is a fast pace world out there and if you feel you need to slow done need some calming of body and mind, learn to connect to your breath you have come to the right place.

Classes are small from 5 to 10 people in the class a place you will get a lot of personal attention if you need it and wish so not to create perfection but safety in the alignment of the poses and to guide you to find your potential.

I have beginner classes and ongoing beginner intermediate classes. I feel my strength as a yoga teacher is to look at each individual what there need is and how to modify with more then 20 years of teaching yoga I feel that my medical

Background as a nurse and massage therapist of over 10 years have given me a deeper understanding how each person is an individual with there own health challenges may it be physical emotional or spiritual you will always be treated with Love, Compassion and understanding.

Do you feel intimidated by the large classes or so many young thin flexible students come join us at the Westside Yoga studio were age, size clothes as long as it is comfortable does not matter.

Never done yoga?

Never thought you could do yoga?

Call me for your first class free of charge.

To introduce you to a calming experience.

This calming experience you will take of the yoga matt out into your life and when it wears of you will want more of this calming experience and you come back before you know you body will get more flexible and your breathing more deeper and you will learn techniques you can take into your life and your family will sense a change in you and when they ask at work what have you been doing you are glowing, smiling, calmer then give them a smile take a deep breath and say, ” I go the The West Side Yoga Studio for gentle calming yoga classes were I feel accepted and feel trust and learn to calm down my mind and as my body becomes more flexible I feel my mind becomes more flexible.”

Bring a friend and your class will be free!

With Love and Gratitude to all my students who are my teachers and to all the students who still will walk into my life and become my teachers.

Marie-Louise See, RN and Certified Kripalu Yoga teacher

Some excerpts from the book Kripalu Yoga

by Master Kripalu Yoga teacher Yogi Amrit Desai

“Kripalu yoga is a Meditation— in— Motion, A response to the primal wisdom of prana— with no technique to perfect, no goals to be achieved, no routine to follow—

A prayer without words, a divine dance—

Kripalu is an experience of the moment.”

Yogi Amrit Desai

“The practice of Kripalu yoga takes place not just in your body but in your mind as well.. Its benefits are not limited by how stiff or flexible you are, by what your body can or cannot do, or by how well you have mastered the techniques or perfected the postures.”

Yogi Amrit Desai

“Kripalu Yoga is a way to transcend all limitations and disturbances, which infiltrate and influence every aspect and activity, experience and expression of life.  Kripalu Yoga is a technique that uses the classical hatha yoga Postures as a vehicle to come in contact with the awesome power of The life force of prana that lies hidden within our body, mind, and Spirit”

Yogi Amrit Desai

The purpose of Kripalu is deep inner transformation along with the more apparent external benefits of better health and a beautiful body.

The purpose of Kripalu yoga is more spiritual rather than physical inner transformation rather than outer achievement, awakening to higher consciousness rather than perfection of techniques.

The spirit of your practice is more important than the form although form of the asana is the vehicle to awaken the spirit.

Remember that:

Patience, self-acceptance and self-mastery are more important than the mastery of the perfection of the posture.  The practice of the postures become the vehicle for you to practice.

Self-acceptance rather than self- judgment of Self-Love rather than self-rejection.

Let go of anxiety of the technique of the posture what creates more restlessness in the mind.

Bring you attention within, internalize withdraw of some of the senses by closing your eyes as much as you can, do not compare your self with the person next to you, there is no competition.

Yogi Amrit Desai

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